Pixelfrog Music


DJ Cary interviews Divasonic about Pixelfrog

Feedback from dedicated listeners:

"Work It"

"Killed it but like in a good way like MJ slamdunk or MJ thriller"

"Fault In Reality"

"Amazing work, really chilling"

"Happy and Sad"

"Gotta get this released, great track"

"Northern Lights"

"Nice funky mood piece. Would be great to listen to while sucking coffee at the cafe. Very nice sounds and production by the way.
Arrangement: Well you really build it nicely over the first minute and a half and then it just kind of flows from there. Once it hits 2mins I am in the groove and happy for the length of the piece.
Mix: At first i wasn't sure of the volume of the pad synths but after a while it becomes so that i can't imagine the piece without them. Effects and other mixing is well managed though out.
Mood: Strong latte -two sugars."

"Mystic Dunes"

"The first thing that struck me with this tune is the cool mood it had. I could hear this being played in a trendy, hippy-trippy, cafe in some sophisticated city. The arrangement sounds well thought out and completed. It doesn't drone on, but just keeps surprising the listener with new sounds and beats coming in."

"Terminate the Machine"

"Yes, I felt like I was shopping, in a mall, in the future, and this would be playing in a hip, happening, trendy store over the house PA. Its wicked!!  The song totally rocked!"

"Money Is Not The Answer"

The start is interesting with different instrument sounds. It has a catchy feel to it. I like the strength and heaviness of the main beat adds a nice vibe to it. I always find vocals to be an integral part in music and if its done well can make the song a lot better. The vocals in this song add its uniqueness.  I especially like the choir humming sound with the guitar in the middle of the song.  The rhythm of the song is quite catchy and I really like the mood of the song, has an airy, mysterious feel to it.